The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) is engaged in activities that promote the wise use and conservation of Philippine Wetlands. For the past years, the SCPW have been working throughout the Philippines in increasing the awareness of the benefits the healthy wetlands have on people’s health, livelihood, and even disaster resiliency.


Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future
Organised Session at the International Conference on Human Settlements Planning and Development 2018 organised by the University of the Philippines Los Banos
Active, Clean and Bountiful Rivers:  The Wetlands BioBlitz Program
Agricultural Wetlands as a Showcase for Wetlands Conservation  Wetlands Caravan 
– the evolving national CEPA Programme of SCPW for wetlands conservation in the country
Ecological Assessment of the Proposed Site of the North Rail Depot World Wetlands Day Celebration
Selection of Offset Site for the Proposed Site of the North Rail Depot and Development of its Management Plan Global Environment Celebration
World Water Day
Green Filters Showcase for the Philippines:
A Pilot Implementation of Constructed Wetland System for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Green Village
Bird Watching Activities
Youth in Action for Disaster Risk Preparedness and Reduction:
– Resilience and Adaptation Strategies by the Youth of Laguna and Batangas
Attendance and Participation of various events
Capacity Building for Wetland Conservation:
Increasing capacity of local communities to sustain wetland conservation activities in the Laguna de Bay Region and Marikina-Pasig River Watershed
Conservation of Laguna de Bay’s Environment and Resources (CLEAR)
– a tripartite partnership of Laguna Lake Development Authority (government), Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (non-government organization), and Unilever Philippines (business corporation)
Asian Regional Workshop on the Management of Wetlands and East Asian – Australasian Flyway Sites
– enhancing the management capacities of wetland site managers through sharing and documentation of lessons learned and best practices in the conservation of wetlands of international importance, and of migratory waterbirds and their habitats.
LPPCHEA Wetland Centre Complex
– a group of structures that serves to communicate the conservation and wise use of the mangrove and other wetland areas in the 175 hectare area that composes the LPPCHEA protected area.
National Workshop to Formulate the Philippine National Wetlands Communication, Education, Participation, Awareness (CEPA) Strategy and Action Plan
– crafting the National Wetland CEPA Action Plan of the Philippines (NWAPP) which will ensure that key actors are able to input into the proposed activities that will help promote the smooth implementation of the NWAPP
Youth in Action for Lake Conservation
– empowering and mobilizing the youth to take actions that will arrest the deterioration of Laguna de Bay thus contributing significantly to the overall conservation efforts
The TreePreneur Project:
Rehabilitation of Arayat Watershed for the Protection of Candaba Wetlands
National Conference on Wetlands, Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation
– setting the stage for the development of a national policy on wetlands, and a national strategy and action plan for the wise use of wetlands and wetlands resources, incorporating concerns on biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation
 xxxxxxxxxxxx Conservation Activities in the Island of Tawi-Tawi