The CLEAR Youth Network Congress is the annual gathering of the CLEAR Youth Network represented by Eco-Camp graduates and their groups that were formed in the schools and/or communities as a result of the Camp.  The Congress is a venue for reporting accomplishments and planning of yearly activities. It is also a platform for learning so that the youth network will continuously be equipped with new knowledge and practice in lake conservation.

11th CLEAR Youth Network Congress

The 11th CLEAR Youth Network Congress focused on the theme Clean Rivers for Healthy and Safe Communities.  It endeavored to strengthen its advocacy in protecting priority rivers or river systems in the Laguna de Bay Region by coming up with river conservation program that will complement similar existing initiatives in the area.

Approximately 100 rivers and streams drain into the Laguna de Bay, 22 of which are significant river systems. The ecological integrity of Laguna de Bay is largely affected by the quality of the rivers that drain into the lake. Considering the ecosystem services that could be provided by these wetlands, it is of great importance that communities affecting and are benefiting from these bodies of water are mobilized into action that will help protect them.

The 11th CLEAR Youth Network Congress was attended by youth groups from 15 cities and municipalities around Laguna de Bay – Binangonan, Calauan, Los Banos, Lumban, Mabitac, Muntinlupa, Pangil/Siniloan, Pateros, Pila, Rizal, San Pablo, San Pedro, Santa Rosa, Taguig and Tanay. It was held on 10-11 December 2016 at the Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal.



 Opening Program
      Welcome Remarks
and Objectives of the Congress
  Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
  Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands
     Message   Dr. J.R.Nereus Acosta
  Laguna Lake Development Authority
(represented by: Mr. Dean Evasco)
 Learning Session: What About Rivers?
      “Major river ecosystems in the
Laguna de Bay Region: Status
and Conservation Efforts”
  Ms. Reena Buena
  Community Development Division
  Laguna Lake Development Authority
      “Initiatives of FRBC”   Ms. Lina M. Tanjuatco
President, Federation of River Basin Councils (FRBC)
of Laguna de Bay Region
      “Opportunities for the Youth
to get involved in river conservation
and management activities”
  Ms. Donna Gordove
Deputy Director, River Basin Control Office –
  Department of Environment and Natural Resources
      “The Thames Estuary Partnership”   Ms. Amy Pryor and Mr. Chris Coode
  Thames Estuary Partnership, London
 Open Forum
 Poster Session   reporting of accomplishments / initiatives
      Presentation of talents and party   all CYN Groups
 Planning Session / Workshop:
River Conservation Program
  all CYN Groups
 Coordinators Meeting   all CYN Coordinators
 Closing Program
      Presentation of Plans   all CYN Groups
      Next steps   Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
  Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands
      Distribution of Certificates





Profile of Participants

Five (5) delegates from Binangonan; with one (1) coordinator from the Rizal National Science High School
2 Five (5) delegates from Calauan; with two (2) coordinators from Dayap National High School
3 Four (4) delegates from Los Banos; with a coordinator from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños
4 Seven (7) delegates from Lumban; with two (2) coordinators from Lumban National High School
5 Five (5) delegates from Mabitac; with a coordinator from Paagahan National High School
6 Six (6) delegates from Muntinlupa City; with a coordinator from Pedro E. D iaz High School
7 Five (5) delegates from Pangil/Siniloan; with a coordinator from Siniloan National High School
8 Five (5) delegates from Pateros; with one (1) coordinator
9 Five (5) delegates from Pila; with a coordinator from Don Manuel Rivera Memorial National High School
10 Five (5) delegates from Rizal; with a coordinator and the school principal of Cristobal C. Conducto Memorial National High School
11 Five (5) delegates from San Pablo City; with a coordinator from San Isidro National High School
12 Five (5) delegates from San Pedro; with one (1) coordinator
13 Five (5) delegates from Santa Rosa City; with a coordinator from Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School
14 Five (5) delegates from Taguig; with two (2) coordinators from Tipas National High School
15 Five (5) delegates from Tanay; with two (2) coordinators from the Local Government of Tanay
Ms. Lina M. Tanjuatco of the Federation of River Basin Councils of the Laguna de Bay Region, Ms. Amy Lecciones of the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Ms. Donna Gordove of the River Basin Control Office of DENR, and Ms. Reena Buena of the Laguna Lake Development Authority