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These documents are here for you as references on topics on wetlands.

SCPW Newsletter
1st Issue. October – December 2020 

Youth Eco Camp Training Manual
A guide for conducting the SCPW Youth Ecological Camps
SCPW Eco Camp Training Manual

SCPW Wetlands Ecological BioBlitz
A guide for conducting the SCPW Wetland Ecological BioBlitz
SCPW WeBB Manual
WeBB Online Instructions

Mapping Wetland Piorities for Ecosystem – based Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (EbA) in the Philippines
Brochures from the RRCEA, DENR BMB funded project on mapping wetland priorities for Eco-DRR and EbA in the Philippines.

National Wetlands Action Plan
1993 and 2011-2016

Connecting People throughout the East Asian-Australasian Flyway with coordinated outreach (PDF)
A presentation by Case Burns delivered during the Alaska Bird Conference 2019.

Agricultural Wetlands and Migratory Birds Living in Harmony Webinar 2020
About EAAF and importance of migratory birds, Dr Simplicia A. Pasicolan
Waterbirds and Managing Health Risks, Rizza Araceli F. Salinas, DVM
Rice Farming Communities and Migratory Birds, Dr. Gerald M. Salas

World Wetlands Day 2021
Water for People – Engr Francisco Arellano, Maynilad Water Services
Water for Ecosystems and Biodiversity – Dir. Mundita S. Lim, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity