Competition Milestones


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The above milestones are organized into the following sequence:




Orientation and Learning Session


The competition’s Orientation and Learning Session was held as part of World Wetlands Day 2024 celebrations at the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park Auditorium.


Event Details:



Topics covered included:


  • Wetlands, Wetland Centres, and Human Well-being, Dr. Jonathan Reeves, Principal Research Officer, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), UK
  • Wetland Centers as a CEPA tool for wetland conservation, Mr. Chris Rostron, Global Head, Wetland Link International, WWT UK
  • The SCPW Wetland Center Design Competition, Mrs. Amy M. Lecciones, Vice-President and Executive Director, SCPW
  • Designing the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park, Arch. Aaron Julius M. Lecciones


Keynote messages were given by:


  • Mrs. Amy M. Lecciones, Vice-President and Executive Director, SCPW
  • Dir. Jacqueline A. Caancan, Regional Executive Director, DENR-NCR


Lunch was provided and a wetland walk and bird watching tour were held in the afternoon.





Field Trip to Macabebe Mangroves


The competition’s Field Trip to Macabebe Mangroves was held on February 17, 2024 at Brgy. Consuelo, Macabebe, Pampanga.


Event Details:



Topics covered included:


  • Profile of Barangay Consuelo, Macabebe, Barangay Official
  • Profile of the Mangrove Areas in Macabebe, Pampanga. Ms. Perlita R. Mulato, PENRO Pampanga, DENR
  • Briefing about SAMAPA and their projects in Brgy. Consuelo, Mr/ Mario Canilao, Chairman, SAMAPA


Keynote messages were given by:


  • Mrs. Amy M. Lecciones, Vice-President and Executive Director, SCPW
  • Ms. Perlita R. Mulato, Chief, Conservation and Development Section, PENRO Pampanga, DENR
  • Hon. Rolando S. Perez, Brgy. Chairman, Consuelo, Macabebe, Pampanga
  • Hon. Anna York Bondoc, Congresswoman, 4th District of Pampanga


Lunch was provided and a guided tour of the mangrove areas was held in the afternoon.


Macabebe Field Trip_  4th Wetland Center Design Competition



Design Boot Camp


The Design Boot Camp was held on 23-24 February 2024 at the Las Pinas – Paranaque Wetland Park Auditorium.


Event Details:



Day One Speakers:


  • Sustainable Landscape Design for Mangrove Development, Prof. Nappy D. Navarra, D.Eng., University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Architecture
  • Bird Habitat and Behaviour, Mr. Mike Lu, President, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines


Day Two Speakers:


  • Changing the Built Environment and the New Normal, Arch. Andrea K. Dorotan, Harvard GSD, LEED AP
  • Designing Healthy Wetland Centers, Asst. Prof. Aaron Julius M. Lecciones, University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Architecture (YouTube)


Design Boot Camp_ Macabebe Wetland Center Design Competition



Preliminary Judging

Three entries were judges as the best among the seven competing groups. The following are the groups as ranked by the judges:

  1. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila 
  2. National University 
  3. De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde 
  4. Far Eastern University
  5. Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas
  6. Batangas State University
  7. Polytechnic University of the Philippines


In the Top 3 – Bankaun

School: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Website: Bankauan

Bankauan, a proposed wetland center in Barangay Consuelo, Macabebe, Pampanga, aims to foster a connection between people and nature, raise awareness about wetland conservation, and promote sustainable lifestyles. Inspired by a nameless local hero who resisted Spanish colonization, the center embodies the spirit of resistance against environmental degradation. The center hopes to inspire future advocates, symbolized by the hero’s name “Bankau”, to protect the wetlands and mangrove areas through sustainable practices and activities.

The nameless hero goes by the names Tarik Sulayman, Rajah Sulaiman III, Bambalito (meaning “little fool” and “brave Moro captain”), and Bankau. The suffix “-an” in “Bankau-an” emphasizes the hope of the proposed wetland center to inspire and produce future “Bankaus” who are willing to advocate for the community and the conservation of wetlands in Barangay Consuelo through the help of a sustainable built environment and its catered activities. Perhaps the reason why the hero is nameless and goes by multiple names is that the hero can be represented by all of us.




In the Top 3 – Talisayan

School: National University
Website: Talisayan

Talisayan are areas near bodies of water — are interpreted metaphorically as representing purity due to their natural beauty. Situated in front of Pampanga Bay, the site embodies picturesque scenery that serves as a gateway to wetland awareness. The Talisayan will serve as a beacon of hope in the fight to safeguard wetland environments that reflect the culture of Filipinos beyond life through water. 

Talisayan Talisayan


In the Top 3 – Isnawa

School: De La Salle – College of St. Benilde
Website: Isnawa

The proposed wetland center for the critical Macabebe Mangrove Area in Barangay Consuelo, Macabebe, Pampanga, Philippines will be designed to conserve its existing diverse ecosystem mainly composed of mangroves and provide an educational access for ecotourism in the area. With the effort to integrate conservation and community development and involvement, this structure is designed with the intent to sustain both the people of Barangay Consuelo, Macabebe and its natural environment in the long term. By focusing on preserving the environmental, social, and economic value of the Macabebe Mangrove Area, the project aims to develop the area by maintaining a balance between economic growth, social connection, and environmental responsibility to ensure its long-term viability. With this in mind, the project hopes to propose natural infrastructures to enhance the quality of life for both the locals and tourists, thereby fostering economic growth and community development.


Isnawa Isnawa



Panel of Judges for the Preliminary Judging

Panel of Judges

Panel of Judges


Submission Mechanics

Deadline for the submission of Preliminary Design Concept Boards & Drawings was on March 22, 2024 (midnight)


  • Groups will submit their final design concept boards & drawings.
  • Submissions may include any array of digital art form (sketches, drawings, images, rendering, diagrams, etc.), text and narrative, and may also include one video (maximum of 20 minutes, widescreen or 16:10 aspect ratio, 720p minimum resolution).
  • Concept Boards and drawings must fit into a maximum of 2 pcs of 750x1800mm vertical banners (portrait orientation).
  • General Content of Submissions should include: Planning, Design, and Engineering Design Concepts & Approaches; Basic Architectural Plans: Site Development Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Roof Plans, and Reflected Ceiling Plans; Any technical drawings showing the incorporation of any future tech & innovations; Renderings or sketches of the facilities and site landscape.
  • A panel of judges will determine the ranking based on set criteria.


Specific areas that should be covered by the design concept boards & drawings:


  • Project Context
  • Planning and Design Philosophy
  • Overall Design Concept, Design Precedents
  • Site Selection and Analysis and Site Development Approach
    • grading, water management, environmental impact
  • Design for each facility proposed:
    • design inspiration and design morphology (form massing development)
    • analysis of applicable building codes
  • Themes incorporated into design proposals:
    • Approach for Ecological Restoration
    • Features highlighting Wetlands & Human Wellbeing
    • Design features for Filipino Culture and local practices
    • Integration of Future tech & Novel Approaches
    • Sustainability and Resilience Features

Please use (or equivalent) to make your websites for submission.
Examples for inspiration are the following: [1] [2] [3]



Final Judging


The final judging is scheduled for May 17, 2024.

Details of the expert panel of judges will be released by midnight of April 20, 2024. Please refer to the Rules and Guidelines for more information on Final Judging Criteria and refer to the FAQs for questions about final judging submission requirements.


Competition Awarding


Details of the competition awarding event will be released by midnight of the week of Earth Day 2024. The awarding event is scheduled for May 27 as part of the May 22nd celebration of World Biodiversity Day.