Capacity Building for Wetlands Conservation
Increasing capacity of local communities to sustain wetland conservation activities in the Laguna de Bay Region and Marikina-Pasig River Watershed

The project aimed to increase the capacity of local organizations to take actions for wetland conservation which will directly translate into managing natural and human-made disasters and help in implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.  It took a different route from the usual intervention that directly train people on actual measures by dealing instead with a more basic organizational aspect.  This refers to the organizational capacity to access resources and how to manage them efficiently and effectively to come up with the desired outcome which is a resilient and climate change-proof environment.

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Organizational Profiling

13 February 2014
Ortigas Foundation Library
Ortigas Bldg., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

The first session was orientation of the participating organizations on the project goals and objectives, activities, timeframe and clarifies terms of reference and expectations between and among the project participants involved.  The organizational profile of the participants were also presented  and discussed for possible interventions of the project.

the participating organizations


The second session provides website development training to ensure internet presence and easy exchange of information and experiences among the participating organizations.  An initial website visible online for each of the participating organization was the output of the learning session.


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