A Pilot Implementation of Constructed Wetland System
for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Green Village

Constructed wetlands are a “natural” way of treating sewage. Constructed wetlands – or so called Green Filters – are an appropriate technology for areas where land is available or inexpensive, population density is very low and skilled labor is missing. Green Filters are artificial, plant based wastewater treatment systems that can be described as water channels whose surface is covered with aquatic plants or a natural system of floating macrophytes.

In general, Green Filter Systems are characterized by low initial investment costs as well as low operation and maintenance costs, as no skilled workers are required for their operation. As an unconventional system for wastewater treatment, it does not depend on electricity or chemical inputs, which makes it economically and environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, Green Filter Systems have a very low environmental impact and even contribute to landscape aesthetics by attracting species associated with natural wetlands.

Objectives –

The general objective of this project is to demonstrate a method of treating domestic waste using a technology that employs natural and local resources. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Provide an economically- and ecologically-sound alternative technology for treating domestic waste before it is released to the waterway;
  • Contribute to food and water security in the community;
  • Establish a model for economically- and ecologically-sound alternative technology for treating domestic waste in the area; and
  • Increase the awareness of local communities and the LGUs on the problems caused by pollution and its effects on people and the natural ecosystems.


Project Site –

The project site is at the Green Village in Caluan, Laguna. The village will be the Training Center of Life Project for Youth (LP4Y – Philippines) for the social and professional integration of young adults in extreme poverty and exclusion.


Project Activities –