The Northrail Transit Project (NTP) has identified a 13.822 hectares area to be used exclusively for the North Rail Depot at Valenzuela . The proposed stabling yard or parking location for trains (depot) is located at the boundary of Meycauayan and Valenzuela. The site is a vacant area covered with grasses and becomes swampy during the rainy season.

An ecological assessment was conducted to characterize the wetland area that will be developed to serve as a benchmark and guide for the identification of an offset site.  The ecological assessment included the identification of ecological services that the said wetland is presently providing that might be diminished or totally lost when the development occurs.

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The project aimed to identify and characterize an offset site and recommend measures to manage and conserve it.  Activities revolved around three major themes:

1)  offset site selection and identification;
2)  offset site characterization and assessment; and
3)  formulation of management recommendations and conservation measures.