The Society for the Philippine Wetlands participated in the 7th WLI Conference at Taipei last December 2019. This event was featured in the Ramsar Regional Center East Asia Webzine Issue No. 12 last December 2019.

The SCPW presented to the body the new developments at the Las Piñas Parañaque Wetland Park as well as other initiatives of the SCPW. To learn more about the LPPWP (formerly LPPCHEA), visit the SCPW LPPWP Wetland Education Centre page. Read our post about the event here.

The Ramsar Regional Center East Asia is one of the regional initiatives formally recognized by the Ramsar Convention. As a Ramsar Regional Initiative (RRI), the RRC-EA was established through the initiative of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of the Republic of Korea to serve as a regional platform for capacity building, information exchange, and cooperation among governments, Ramsar Site and wetland managers and stakeholders, international and national non-government organizations, technical experts and business organizations.

The issue can be downloaded here.
Visit the 7th WLI-Asia Conference microsite here.


SCPW attends Wetland Link International Conference in Taipei, featured on RRC-EA Webzine
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SCPW attends Wetland Link Inte…

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