The Lazada Philippines, in partnership with the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW), celebrated the Earth Day on 23 April 2016 at Arayat, Pampanga with the members of the New Mariang Sinukuan Upland Farmers Association of Arayat.

In the short program, the farmers shared what they have accomplished in rehabilitating Mount Arayat thru The Treepreneur Project of SCPW – how it helps in developing the environment in Mt. Arayat and how it contributes on the livelihood of the farmers.  In the Treepreneur Project, farmers with their families were trained to become “treeprenuers” by growing seedlings in their own backyard and maintaining plantation sites at Mount Arayat. Treepreneurs are paid in kind for their efforts.

With the theme for this year’s Earth Day Celebration – “Trees for the Earth”, the staff of Lazada Philippines joined in the seed propagation activity with the upland farmers and their families. This seeds will be nurtured by the farmers in their backyard and will then be planted at Mount Arayat in the rainy season.

During the celebration, Lazada Philippines also expressed their interest to support the conservation activities in Mt. Arayat and Candaba Wetlands.


Celebrating Earth Day at Mt. Arayat: Lazada Cares for our Wetlands
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Celebrating Earth Day at Mt. A…

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