The First Sustainable Leadership Journey, which was conducted by the Wildlands Conservation Trust, in collaboration with the Global Nature Fund and Living Lakes, was held on 27 November 27 – 04 December 2016 at St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Participated by international delegates and partners from the Living Lakes Network, the event offered a valuable platform for discussion and exchange between young middle-management leaders working for environmental and sustainability focused NGOs, selected senior experts from NGOs and sustainable practitioners from corporate partner networks of Living Lakes.  As one of the members in the Living Lakes Network, the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.  (SCPW) was invited, and was represented by Mr. Jose Carlo Quintos.

With the theme “Sustainability from the Inside Out: Building Personal Sustainability Leadership for Global Sustainable Development”, the Sustainability Leadership Journey was not intended to be a one-stop education about sustainability and leadership.  Rather, it was an opportunity to engage around some of the key issues affecting sustainability and reflect on our leadership role inside those key issues, with valuable input from passion-driven practitioners in the field.

Set at St. Lucia on the shores of South Africa’s first heritage site, iSimangaliso Wetland Park, the week-long event was composed of various knowledge sharing activities, field trips to local communities and significant cultural and environmental sites, inspirational story-sharing sessions, and mindfulness exercises.


Guided field tours


The cultural tour of Khula village gave the participants a hands-on introduction to many traditional and modern Zulu life. The traditional Zulu dance was also presented during the visit. Khula village was also one of the areas benefitting from the Treepreneur Project of Wildlands, where villagers grow trees seedlings and trade them with useful items such as solar hot water tanks, bikes, and other necessary goods. This is where SCPW’s Treepreneur Project in Mt. Arayat originated from.
SCPW was at the 1st Sustainable Leadership Journey in South Africa

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SCPW was at the 1st Sustainabl…

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