The Wetland Link International Asia held its 7th conference for members last 2-6 December 2019 at the Guandu National Park at Taipei, Taiwan. A contingent from the SCPW participated in the conference, with Dir. Amy Lecciones presenting the work of the SCPW in the Wetland Centre for the Las Piñas Parañaque Wetland Park. The conference is a venue for WLI-Asia members, including managers and stakeholders of wetland centers, to regularly convene, share updated information, and discuss planned activities for the network.

The WLI-Asia Conference aims to share information among wetland center managers and relevant stakeholders, facilitate interaction among members through discussion on specific themes on wetland center operation and management, and explore opportunities for future cooperation among the members.

The 7th WLI-Asia Conference was organized back-to-back with the 20th Anniversary event of Guandu Nature Park by the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia in cooperation with the Taipei City Government and Wild Bird Society of Taipei.

The SCPW also joined a tour of the Guandu Nature Park which celebrated its 20th anniversary as well as listened to technical lectures on the management of the park.

Dir. Lecciones (center; tan) and Darry Estorba (center; black) listen to a tour guide at the Guandu Nature Park (Taipei, Taiwan).
A lecture is given by one of the experts at the Guandu Nature Park on the role of Water Buffaloes as a biological form of control for landscape management.

Learn more about the conference at the 7th WLI Asia Conference microsite or visit the SCPW Flickr album for the 7th WLI Asia Conference Taipei.

The SCPW attends the 7th Wetland Link International Conference in Taipei
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The SCPW attends the 7th Wetla…

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