It’s time for wetland restoration

The SCPW celebrates World Wetlands Day every 2nd of February to raise awareness about wetlands. This day also marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in 1971.


Wetland Restoration, the theme for 2023, highlights the urgent need to prioritize wetland restoration. For this year, the Convention on Wetlands is calling on you act in three specific ways:


1. Conscious choices to minimize our own impact on wetlands
2. Persuasive voices to educate and activate others to get involved in wetland restoration
3. Bold actions and taking part in wetland restoration efforts locally



This year is also the third year of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration which is a call for 10 years to heal the planet. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, led by UNEP, FAO and partners covers terrestrial as well as coastal and marine ecosystems. A global call to action, it will draw together political support, scientific research, and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration.


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