The theme of this year’s World Wetlands Day is Healthy wetlands, healthy people.  To celebrate it, series of events was held by the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW)  –


Advocacy Outreach to Taguig City lakeshore communities

At the Blissful Festival  held on 23 – 25 February 2008 at Ibayo-Tipas, Taguig City, the SCPW conducted a lecture-workshop to the lakeshore communities of Ibayo-Tipas on how the conservation of Laguna de Bay’s environment and resources can affect their health.  The festivities was organized the Seva Dharma Mission, in cooperation with the SCPW among others.


Ecological Camp for the Youth of Pangil

Twenty-four high school students from Pangil, Laguna participated in the EcoCamp conducted by CLEAR (Conservation of Laguna de Bay’s Environment and Resurces – the tripartite partnership of Laguna Lake Development Authority, Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, and Unilever Philippines) in partnership with the municipal government of Pangil.  The EcoCamp – Pangil, which aimed to develop young stewards for the environment specifically that of the Laguna de Bay region, was held at the Green House in Pangil, Laguna on 27 – 29 February 2008.           more >>


Forum on Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People

A Forum on Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People, which was held on 19 February 2008 at Mindanao State University – Tawi-Tawi, was attended by the faculty, students and staff of Mindanao State University – TawiTawi, representatives from the government, and community leaders.          more >>