The Youth remains one of the most important wetland stakeholders.  They embody idealism and the future.  They will be the country’s future leaders.  Targeting the  youth as the focus of intervention is a long-term investment but is very strategic.  They can be effective agents of behavioral change if their potentials are harnessed in the right direction.  This quality can be tapped so that the Youth can carry wetland conservation as their rallying call.

The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW) encourages youth to be part of wetlands conservation through communication, education, participation, and awareness (CEPA) projects the SCPW conducts.

CLEAR Youth Network

CLEAR Youth Network is composed mostly of CLEAR ecological camp graduates and various youth groups in lakeshore cities and municipalities around Laguna de Bay, advocating environmental conservation and responsible lake stewardship.  The network forms an information and communication link with each other that would foster dialogue and exchange among the youth towards concerted effort in the conservation of Laguna de Bay.  CLEAR is Conservation of Laguna de Bay’s Environment and Resources.


CLEAR Youth Network Congress

The CLEAR Youth Network Congress is the annual gathering of the CLEAR Youth Network (CYN) represented by Eco-Camp graduates and their groups that were formed in the schools and/or communities as a result of the Camp.  The Congress is a venue for reporting accomplishments and planning of yearly activities. It is also a platform for learning so that the youth network will continuously be equipped with new knowledge and practice in lake conservation.        more about the CYN Congress >>


Youth Ecological Camps

The Youth Ecological Camp of SCPW employs experiential learning methods and approaches that make it interactive and full of fun.  The ecological camp has empowered the youth to become an important community actor in wetland conservation and disaster risk reduction, management and preparedness.

Youth in Design Competitions of Wetland Centres

The SCPW, in partnership with the Architecture Students’ Association of the Philippines – University of the Philippines Chapter, conducted a series of design competitions aimed to create awareness among college architecture students on the concept of sustainable development in the context of wetland conservation and management and how these relate to the fields of architecture, tourism, and the environment.  As a CEPA tool, the competitions provides a venue for students to showcase their talents in their respective fields and provides a learning experience to appreciate nature and culture in the context of design, as well as learn sensitivity towards stakeholders, and be instilled with responsibility and pride for our country’s natural resources – our national treasures.  CEPA is communication, education, participation and awareness.