The SCPW conducts design competitions as part of its Communication, Capacity Building, Education, Participation, and Awareness program that supports the conservation and wise use of Philippine wetlands. The design competitions encompass primarily wetland centers but also have included wetland center logos and CEPA posters, among others. The SCPW Wetland Center Design Competitions are usually conducted every four years depending on if any active wetland center design and construction project is ongoing.

The SCPW Wetland Center Design Competitions were spearheaded by then Vice-Chairperson for External Affairs of ASAPHIL-UP Aaron Lecciones in 2005. Its original aims were to help spread awareness of the importance of green architecture and the wider consequences of bad development on the environment and on the sustainable development in the country to students by showcasing green architecture. The competition’s targeted the future builders of the nation – young student architects, should be given the opportunity to expand their awareness of sustainable development and how its principles can be used in a greener architecture by assimilating sustainable concepts in their designs. The objectives of the design competitions are generally as follows:

  • To create awareness among college students on sustainability in the fields of architecture, tourism, and the environment.
  • To showcase the talents of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design students.
  • To encourage the youth, particularly college students, to be an active participant in the building of a sustainable future.
  • To promote the participatory approach for all stakeholders of a particular project.


The following are a list of the Wetland Center Design Competitions and Wetland Center Projects* of the SCPW: