To regularly conduct an Ecological Camp, dubbed as Kilos Kabataan Para sa Lawa, is part of the plan strategy of CLEAR in its campaign to educate the community, particularly the youth, on the need to conserve and protect Laguna de Bay.  The ecological camp aims to ensure the sustainable conservation and protection of Laguna de Bay and to foster a deeper sense of appreciation and commitment especially among the lakeshore communities.  CLEAR, the Conservation of Laguna de Bay’s Environment and Resources, is the tripartite partnership of Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc., Laguna Lake Development Authority and Unilever Philippines.               more about CLEAR >>

For the year 2006, the CLEAR Youth Ecological Camp was conducted for the youth of Lumban, one of the lakeshore municipalities of Laguna de Bay.  This was in cooperation with the Local Government of Lumban and the CBK Power Company Ltd.  The EcoCamp was held at the Camarin Guests House in Cavinti, Laguna on 18-20 April 2006.

Fifteen (15) high school students from various high schools of Lumban participated in the Eco-Camp. The participating schools were Wawa National High School, Lumban Academy and St. Vincent de Paul Science High School.

CLEAR’s partners in the event are the CBK Power Company Limited and the  Municipal Government of Lumban,  It also got support from the Environmental Studies Institute and Center for Environmental Awareness and Education.

The vision formulated by the eco-campers for their environment –
In the year 2016, Lumban is a well-developed, well-progressed and well-known city with high quality products, environment-friendly ecotourism development and well-preserved culture.  The city offers opportunities through socio-economic channels which uplift the quality of life of its people through cooperation of its disciplined people and its local government.  Lumban is filled with proud Lumbeños thriving in their environment that is home to its natural resources and rich biodiversity.

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