The project site – Km 55 North Luzon Expressway, Apalit, Pampanga

The competition provides an outlet for the students to express their scientific-mathematic and artistic side. It may also become a venue for the different colleges to showcase their talents. Concurrently, this may be able to contribute to a greater cause of protecting and building a sustainable environment. The building of communities through sustainable means is not only the responsibility of adults. Students are the future heirs to this treasure. Their participation at the earliest stage is of great concern. Through the execution of this project, a greater awareness of the need for a sustainable future shall be realized.

Open to all architecture students in the island of Luzon, the competition focused on designing a wetland center for the Candaba Marsh, a site known for the regular flocking of a wide array of migratory birds. Based on this, students were encouraged to explore planning and design options, in consideration of the surrounding wetlands, to keep its productivity and infinite-renewal ability through sustainable management and wise-use. It is believed that the solution will be a balance of the competing needs of economy, society, and environment. Conceptual papers, architectural drawings and scale models were part of the expected output from the participants.

Objectives of the Project –

  • To create awareness among college students on sustainability in the fields of architecture, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, tourism, and the environment.
  • To showcase the talents of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and interior design students.
  • To encourage the youth, particularly college students, to be an active participant in the building of a sustainable future.
  • To promote the participatory approach for all stakeholders of a particular project.


Launching of the Competition /
Design Symposium – Unraveling Nature:  A Peek into Wetlands and Architecture

01 December 2009
Melchor Hall, University of the Philippines – Diliman
Quezon City

To officially launch the Competition, a Design Symposium entitled “Unraveling Nature: A Peek into Wetlands and Architecture” was held at the University of the Philippines.

The Symposium was attended by 256 students from various schools of Luzon.

The symposium featured distinguished speakers in their respective fields who discussed topics and concepts such as –

  • “The Importance of Candaba Wetlands Centre to Local Nature Tourism” (Ms. Stanie Soriano of the Department of Tourism)
  • “Wetlands and Wetland Centres” (Ms. Amy Lecciones of the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands)
  • “Green Architecture” (Arch. Amado de Jesus)
  • “Landscape Architecture for Wetland Centre Development” (Arch. Jose Dan Villajuan)
  • “Environmental Planning” (Arch. Requito Bellosillo)

It was also graced by Architect Dan Silvestre, Dean of UP College of Architecture; Dr. Candido Cabrido, President of the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands; Atty. Roger Quevedo, President of G-Star Venture; and Mr. Japaul Flores, President of ASAPHIL Inc.

The Project Manager of the Design Competition, Ms. Grace Montemayor of ASAPHIL-UP, discussed with the students the competition requirements, instructions and all the things the contestants should know about the competition.

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