To regularly conduct an Ecological Camp, dubbed as Kilos Kabataan Para sa Lawa, is part of the plan strategy of CLEAR in its campaign to educate the community, particularly the youth, on the need to conserve and protect Laguna de Bay.  The ecological camp aims to ensure the sustainable conservation and protection of Laguna de Bay and to foster a deeper sense of appreciation and commitment especially among the lakeshore communities.  CLEAR, the Conservation of Laguna de Bay’s Environment and Resources, is the tripartite partnership of Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc., Laguna Lake Development Authority and Unilever Philippines.               more about CLEAR >>

The CLEAR Youth Ecological Camp was held on 05 – 07 June 2003 at The Sierra Madre Resort in Tanay, one of the lakeshore municipalities of Laguna de Bay.  The EcoCamp was conducted in cooperation with the Local Government of Tanay, the Tanay Environment Foundation, and the Tanay Ladies Association.

The EcoCamp was designed to raise the awareness of youth on environmental protection and sustainable development, particularly as it applies to Laguna de Bay.  The campers had lectures and discussions, creative workshops, field work, fellowship and group dynamics.  To ensure their lasting commitment to the conservation of Laguna de Bay, the campers became a part of the Community Lake Monitoring Team for Tanay, Rizal.

Fifteen high school students from various high schools of Tanay participated in the EcoCamp.   The four participating schools were Tanay National High School, San Ildefonso College, University of Rizal System, and St. Therese School.

The vision formulated by the eco-campers for Laguna de Bay –
To experience a vibrant Laguna de Bay with clean water, thriving aquatic life, and green watershed, free from wastes and protected by disciplined citizens, cooperating together to make this vision a reality by 2013.


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