7th CLEAR Youth Network Congress

CLEAR held the 7th CLEAR Youth Network Congress on 06-07 October 2012 at the Rizal Re-Creation Center in Rizal, Laguna. Cognizant of the importance of the youth sector in lake conservation, CLEAR focuses its activities on the Youth in the lakeshore towns of Laguna de Bay.  The banner project for this is the CLEAR Youth Network that encompasses activities such as the Youth Ecological Camps, the Community Lake Monitoring Network, and their annual gathering during the CLEAR Youth Network Congress.         more on the CLEAR Youth Network >>

This year’s theme was Laguna de Bay: Home and Destination, focusing on the value of the lake as both home to many people and at the same time, an important tourism destination.  Laguna de Bay is home to more than 10 million people living in the lake region.  It is also a home to a host of organisms in various wetland ecosystems that constitute the Lake Region.  Tourism is only one of the services the wetlands deliver.  Ensuring well-managed tourism practices in and around wetlands, and educating tourists on the value of wetlands contributes to the health and the long-term benefits that wetlands provide to people, wildlife, economics, and biodiversity.

The Congress was a 2-day event, giving the participants more opportunity to learn from each other as well as gain new experiences and learnings.


  • To provide a venue for the CLEAR Youth Network for the exchange of ideas, information practices and activities on lake conservation;
  • To build the capacity of CLEAR Youth Network so that they are able to implement lake conservation activities  efficiently and effectively; and
  • To contribute to the local effort in promoting local tourism by linking tourism with long-term conservation.



Opening Programme
      Welcome Remarks Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands
      Message Ms. Adelina Santos-Borja
Laguna Lake Development Authority
Objectives of the CYN
and briefing on Wetlands
Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands
Sharing Stories about Caring for the Lake Updates on lake Conservation Activities (5 – 7 minutes each group)
Learning Session:
“Laguna de Bay as a Tourism Destination” Ms. Cecil Aranton
Department of Tourism – Region 4
“River Rehabilitation: The Pasig River Experience” Arch. Jimbo Mallari
Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission
Exposure Trip Pandin Lake in San Pablo City
Action Planning
Presentation of Action Plans
Closing Programme

Profile of Participants

1 Six (6) delegates from Tanay, Rizal; with one coordinator from the Municipal Government (MENRO) of Tanay
2 Eight (8) delegates from Los Baños, Laguna; with two coordinators from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños
3 Six (6) delegates from Muntinlupa City; with a coordinator from Pedro E. Diaz High School
4 Seven (7) delegates from Lumban; with a coordinator from Wawa National High School
5 Six (6) delegates from Pangil, Laguna; with a coordinator from the Municipal Government of Pangil
6 Five (5) delegates from San Pablo City; with a coordinator from the Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation
7 Seven (7) delegates from Pateros, Metro Manila; with a coordinator from the Local Government (ESC) of Pateros</td>
8 Six (6) delegates from Binangonan, Rizal; with a coordinator from the Rizal Science National High School / Youth for Environment in Schools Organization
9 Six (6) delegates from Santa Rosa City; with a coordinator from Santa Rosa Science & Technology High School


Sharing stories about caring for the Lake – updates on lake conservation activities

Field exposure trip to Pandin Lake in San Pablo City


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