Taipei, Taiwan | 13-16 May 2024 – Representatives from the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW), Barangay Local Government Unit of Paligui, Candaba, Pampanga, and Macagatal Irrigators Association (MIA) participated in a learning visit to Guandu Nature Park. This educational trip was a key component of the Living Lakes Biodiversity and Climate (LLBC) Project – Frontrunner Initiative 1, which aims to establish sustainable farm tourism in the Paligui Wetlands of Candaba, Pampanga.


The visit commenced with a warm welcome from Ms. Li-Ping Ho, Chief Executive of Guandu Nature Park. Following this, SCPW Executive Director, Ms. Amy Lecciones, introduced the visit’s goals and anticipated outcomes and delivered a presentation on the Paligui Wetlands, the LLBC Project, and its Philippine component.

The morning session featured an in-depth discussion on Guandu Nature Park’s management and conservation programs, presented by Ms. Lisa Pin-Hsiu Chou from the Park’s Department of Conservation. She provided a comprehensive overview of the park’s successful strategies in increasing biodiversity, habitat restoration, and sustainable management of Rice Paddy Fields, among others. In the afternoon, the delegation embarked on a guided tour of the Main Visitor Area to observe the park’s most common tour route and gain insights into its tour operations and visitor engagement methods. Furthermore, a presentation by Ms. Regina Chu from the Department of Public Affairs focused on efforts to connect people with nature and introduced the Guandu International Nature Art Festival. This session underscored the critical role of public engagement in conservation initiatives.



On the second day, the group toured the park’s Sustainable Management Area, providing a practical demonstration of the park’s sustainable practices and management techniques. In the afternoon, Mr. Spark Lu from the Department of Environmental Education presented the park’s Communication, Capacity-Building, Education, Participation, and Awareness (CEPA) activities. Detailed discussions on educational services and volunteer programs further highlighted the park’s community engagement and outreach efforts.



The visit concluded with an open forum and exit conference, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas and reflections on the learning experience. This two-day visit provided SCPW and its local partners with valuable insights into effective management and conservation practices at Guandu Nature Park, which can be adopted or replicated in the Paligui Wetlands.



The participants from SCPW also included Ms. Darry Shel M. Estorba and Mr. Xyrus Godfrey Capiña, while those from MIA were Mr. Raul Cacho, Mr. Jimmy Rivera, and Mr. Gaudencio de Leon. Barangay Paligui Chairman Kap. Randy Manio and SK Johnnery Aspera, Jr. also joined the activity.




SCPW and Local Partners Embark on Learning Visit to Guandu Nature Park
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SCPW and Local Partners Embark…

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