We believe that every action towards the wise use and conservation of our wetlands counts – from keeping trash in your pocket,
planting trees, making good and responsible use of water, to swimming in lakes with friends, and respecting God’s gift as stewards

Be a member of the SCPW and help contribute to the wise-use and conservation of Philippine wetlands.  What do you get?

  • Be part of a network of wetland practitioners and professionals from around the country and the world
  • Have the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills to help wetlands in the country
  • Collaborate in practice and policy in wetlands conservation and management
  • Join us in Communication, Education, Participation, and Awareness for Philippine wetlands
  • Be invited to activities and events of the SCPW from capacity building, tree-planting, coastal clean-ups, youth camps, bird-watching and more!

There are three membership types you can choose from: Standard, Student, and Patron. The benefits for each membership type are the following:

  • All membership type registers your name on the membership roll (you will need to pay membership dues to be active).
  • All membership types receive electronic membership certificates
  • Only Standard and Patron Philippine Citizen members with active voting membership can vote during general assemblies.
  • Patron members will also contribute to a special fund for tree planting with our partner organisation selected on an annual basis.
  • Student members are only applicable for students in primary and secondary education and must email their current registration document or ID to post@wetlands.ph. Student membership applications must have permission from their parents or legal guardian. A notarised letter stating parental or legal guardian permission to join the SCPW must be attached to the membership application with photocopies of the parents or legal guardians valid IDs. If you are requesting for a waiver of the student memership fee, please write a letter to the President.

Requirements for membership are the following:

  • completed membership application form (online form | offline form)
  • Payment of Membership Dues (PhP50 transaction fee for online payment via PayPal): PhP550 Standard Annual Membership, PhP250 Student Annual Membership, PhP1050 Patron Annual Membership.

Upon confirmation of your completed membership application form and payment of membership dues you will receive your electronic membership certificate.
Use the payment button below to begin your payment via PayPal (no need for PayPal account).

Please make sure that once you renew your membership, you provide your proof of payment (screenshot or forwarded email from PayPal) to post@wetlands.ph.
If you would like to update your membership details, please kindly use our online form.

Membership Types

If you prefer to enroll for an annual subscription, please use the payment button below (via PayPal, no PayPal account required).

Subscription Options

If you wish to unsubscribe to an existing recurring annual payment please use the button below (via PayPal).


Donating to the SCPW is easy and you also get a certificate to show for it! Use the donate button below to donate (via PayPal) any amount to the SCPW.

If you wish to be acknowledged for your donation, please email us and indicate your PayPal payment detail.  For more formal donations and to arrange formal support for SCPW projects please contact our Executive Director at 63(2) 6372409 (SCPW Office). All donations are taxable.