Rehabilitation of Arayat Watershed
for the Protection of Candaba Wetlands

The Candaba Wetlands and Mount Arayat are considered ecologically important areas.  Both ecosystems are habitats of endemic and endangered flora and fauna.  Mt. Arayat tributaries drain into the Pampanga River which bisects the whole Candaba swamp area.  Sediments from soil erosion on the mountain find its way into the Candaba swamp contributing to its eutrophication.  The average depth of the swamp is only 1-2 meters deep, thus making it very vulnerable to sedimentation.  The degradation of the Arayat uplands would also mean the deterioration of the habitat of waterfowls and migratory birds of the swamplands.  Addressing the conservation issues of the uplands would also help address the degradation of the swamplands.  As such the two different ecosystems cannot be separated  from each other.

Rehabilitation and conservation of resources of the Arayat-Candaba watershed is of great importance, not only to the flora and fauna, but also to the local people.  Conserving the upland and swampland resources could eventually conserve its biodiversity.

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Community Project Orientation/Forum

To orient the participating farmers/families on the objectives, activities, timetable as well as their roles in the Project, a Community  Orientation/Forum was held on 23 September 2010 for Phase I and on 02 July 2012  for Phase II.  The farmers were given the opportunity to ask and clarify any processes and issues concerning their participation in the project.

The event was attended by 126 participating farmers.


Mr. Ruel Nucup, the President of MSUFA, welcoming the guests and participants


Taking advantage of the fact that the farmers are gathered in one venue, the occasion also doubled-up as Community Forum on eco-tourism.


Also present were Ms. Charmaine Veldman of Wildlands Conservation Trust that successfully implemented Treepreneurship strategy in South Africa, and Unilever Philippines’ department heads.


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