Youth-in-Action for Disaster Risk Preparedness and Reduction:
Resilience and Adaptation Strategies by the Youth

The project endeavored to help reduce the disaster risks faced by the municipalities of Mabitac, Pila and Rizal through increased community participation and youth involvement. It is being implemented through United Nations – World Food Programme’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Programme in the province of Laguna.

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Awarding of Best Practice in DRR and CCAM by Youth

After months of implementation of the pilot projects, the Mabitac Eco-Campers was awarded the Best Practice in local DRR and CCA in a ceremony held on 19 March 2015 at the Paagahan National High School in Mabitac, Laguna.  The group is composed of trainers and eco-campers from Paagahan National High School, Paagahan National High School – Matalatala Annex, Mabitac National High School, and Blessed James Cusmano Academy.

The project the group implemented was the replication of eco-camp  which was conducted at their respective schools.  A municipal-based eco-camp –  Ecological Camp for the Youth of Mabitac was also jointly conducted by the group in partnership with the local government of Mabitac.  Cash prize was awarded to the group as an incentive to further continue their good work.

Awarding of cash prize