Youth-in-Action for Disaster Risk Preparedness and Reduction:
Resilience and Adaptation Strategies by the Youth

The project endeavored to help reduce the disaster risks faced by the municipalities of Balete, Mataasnakahoy, and Tingloy through increased community participation and youth involvement. It is being implemented through United Nations – World Food Programme’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Programme in the province of Batangas.

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Youth Knowledge Sharing Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction
and Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

30-31 July 2016
ERDB Auditorium
Los Baños, Laguna

In order to sustain the enthusiasm of the youth in pursuing their efforts in ecosystem-based adaptation, disaster risk reduction, management and preparedness and climate change adaptation and mitigation, a Youth Knowledge Forum was held for the Youth Ecological Camp graduates from the six partner municipalities – Mabitac, Pila and Rizal of Laguna; and Balete, Mataasnakahoy and Tingloy of Batangas. Learning session, sharing of experiences in implementing their special projects including impacts on the schools or communities, workshop to plan the next steps, and a field exposure trip to the Makiling Botanical Garden were among the activities in the two-day event.

Sharing of accomplishments and experiences in the implementation of the special projects were done through knowledge cafe’ workshop.


Guided questions were used for sharing of ideas and insights.

Facilitated plenary discussion to further explore the insights of the youth on how they can sustain the initiatives that they have started under the project.

Field visit/observation at Makiling Botanical Garden to appreciate and experience nature and biodiversity.