Quezon City, March 18, 2024 – The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) joined the kick-off celebration of the World Water Day 2024 through an exhibit featuring programs and projects aligned with this year’s theme, “Water for Peace,” with a local contextualized subtheme, “Pagkakaisa tungo sa seguridad pantubig,” adapted by the Philippine Interagency Committee. SCPW showcased an exhibition entitled “Constructed Wetlands: Nature-based Solution for Treating Wastewater,” highlighting its innovative Green Filters Facilities Projects in Calauan and Pangil, Laguna.
Constructed wetlands are artificial ecosystems designed to mimic the functions of natural wetlands, offer a nature-based solution to water pollution in areas lacking conventional facilities. They employ natural processes to reduce nutrients and eliminate pollutants from diverse wastewater sources. Notably, Green Filters, a variant of constructed wetlands, utilize aquatic plants to filter contaminants effectively. An initiative at Panguil River Eco-Park led by SCPW and supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of Germany and Karcher, aims to establish this Green Filters facility. This effort innovates by introducing Effective Microorganisms to enhance filtration efficiency. The project targets improving water quality in Panguil River and Laguna de Bay, benefiting local fisherfolks and the environment. Additionally, the facility aims to serve as a model for other municipalities facing similar water pollution challenges.
The exhibit, spearheaded by the Manila Water Foundation, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB), the DENR River Basin Control Office (RBCO), and Manila Water Company, aim to raise awareness of World Water Day and its theme. The exhibit is in partnership with the Quezon City Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department. Among the exhibitors are SCPW and various other organizations, including Manila Water Foundation, Manila Water Company, MWSS Corporate Office, Maynilad Water Services Inc., DENR River Basin Control Office in partnership with GIZ, USAID Safe Water, and Quezon City Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department.
At the opening program of the Exhibition, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte received recognition as a Water Champion from both the Manila Water Foundation and the World Water Day Philippines Interagency Committee. A Pledge Wall Signing ceremony was held, where numerous agencies, organizations, and partners demonstrated their support for the World Water Day 2024 theme. This was followed by a walkthrough to the Exhibition area to appreciate the various posters and banners displayed echoing the theme of World Water Day 2024.
The Exhibit will run from 18 March to 20 March 2024 at Quezon City High Rise Building Lobby, and then Manila Water Foundation will bring the exhibit around public schools and public institutions so that more people, especially the youth can learn more about World Water Day and take action towards the responsible use of water.
SCPW Showcases Constructed Wetlands as Nature-based Solution for Treating Wastewater at the World Water Day Exhibit 2024

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SCPW Showcases Constructed Wet…

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