The SCPW successfully conducted a webinar on wetland conservation for CTSPI on 21 February 2024, so that they understand the vital role of wetlands to people and our planet, and what they can do the contribute to the protection of wetlands.
Environmental, Health and Safety Team (EHS) of the CTSPI partners with different organizations to co-organize and conduct a monthly webinar for its associates to enhance awareness and empower them to contribute to environmental protection. This year, they joined SCPW for this webinar which is in line with the celebration of World Wetlands Day.
The webinar was attended by 143 participants from CTSPI. Mr. Jose Carlo Quintos and Ms. Darry Shel Estorba gave lectures and showed audio-visual presentations about wetlands and their conservation. Projects and activities on wetland conservation were also presented, including the Living Lakes Biodiversity and Climate Project which is currently being implemented by the SCPW.
WEBINAR ON WETLAND CONSERVATION: A Learning Event for Cognizant Technology Solutions Philippines, Inc. (CTSPI)
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