Kilusan ng Kabataan para sa Karagatan:
Ecological Camp for the Youth of TawiTawi

Tawi-Tawi also celebrated the World Wetlands Day by holding a Youth Ecological Camp on 19 February 2007 at Biha Biha Beach in Mapun, TawiTawi with the following objectives:

  • To provide the youth especially the members of the Kilusan ng Kabataan para sa Karagatan the opportunity to appreciate and understand the coastal wetlands and their living and non-living components and their relationship to fisheries which is the theme of this years celebration.
  • To raise awareness among the youth of the threats that affect these wetlands, and
  • To generate some positive actions what they as youth can do to contribute to environmental protection and management. to make sure that there will indeed be Fish for Tomorrow.

The Kilusan ng Kabataan para sa Karagatan was participated by more than sixty students from Mindanao State University and Notre Dame of Cagayan.  While hiking to the Camp site, this was made into an ecological trek were the campers were given orientation on the different coastal and terrestrial ecosystems and how man is affecting them.


Prior to the event, in order to raise funds to support the environmental projects of the Kilusan ng Kabataan para sa Karagatan, an environmental concert dubbed as Konsyerto ng Kabataan para kay Inang Kalikasan was held at the Notre Dame of Cagayan Compound in TawiTawi on 14 February 2007.  Out of the proceeds of the concert, they printed IEC materials on waste management and had mangrove reforestation activity.

Reported by Mr. Filemon Romero