Executive Director Amy Lecciones attended the Society of Wetland Scientists – Asia Chapter and Korean Wetland Society Joint Meeting held at Suncheon City, Republic of Korea las 19-22 August 2019.

SWS-KWS 2019
Dir. Amy Lecciones (leftmost with blue SCPW wetlands t-shirt) poses with a group of participants to the SWS Asia Chapter – KWS Joint Meeting.

She presented the SCPW project Documenting Capabilities of Inland Wetlands in Reducing Disaster Risk in the Philippines. This project was implemented by the SCPW in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) through a grant from the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia.

The project is one of the components of a broader project titled: Mapping Wetland Priorities for Ecosystem-Based Disasters Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (EbA) in the Philippines which also included producing maps on the vulnerability of wetlands to rain-induced flooding, landslide, and drought.

SWS-KWS 2019
Dir. Lecciones presents her paper entitled: “Documenting Capabilities of Inland Wetlands in Reducing Disaster Risk in the Philippines”

The Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) was established in 1980 as an international organization which aims to promote understanding, conservation, protection, restoration, science-based management, and sustainability of wetlands. It provides a forum for wetland scientists and managers to meet, discuss and work together on wetland research projects. At present, SWS has over 3,000 members from government and non-government organizations, academia and private consulting in more than 60 countries. The SWS–Asia Chapter officially became a chapter in June 2005.

The Joint Meeting is a result of a Memorandum of Understanding made between RRC-EA and the KWS to promote scientific study, restoration, education, and outreach on wetlands in Asia, specifically in East, Southeast, and South Asia. The 2019 SWS-Asia Chapter and KWS Joint Meeting aim to: showcase new developments in wetland science, education and management; provide a forum for wetland scientists and managers to discuss latest wetland research; and create and strengthen linkages and cooperation among new and current chapter members.

The four-day meeting included plenary presentations, parallel and poster sessions, special lectures for the public, and a field visit to Suncheon Bay.

SWS-KWS 2019

Session themes for the Society of Wetland Scientists included Mangrove Ecosystems, Wetland Sound Science and Education, Effective Management of Wetland Sites, Collaboration and Data Sharing in Wetland Science: The Mekong Wetland University Network and Beyond, Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program, Eco-DRR in Asia, Wetland Biodiversity, Food Web Aspects and Wetlands: Biological, Interactions from Bottom to Top in Shallow Water Bodies and Littoral Food Web, Wetland Ecosystem Service, Tidal Flat and Coastal Wetlands Restoration in Korea, Carbon Cycle in Coastal Wetland. Meanwhile, session themes for the Korean Wetland Society were Coastal Wetlands, Water Resources and Wetlands, Wetlands for Water Quality Management, Wetland Ecology and Management, NBS and Wetlands, Undergraduate Student Competition.

SWS-KWS 2019
SWS-KWS 2019
SWS-KWS 2019
Director Lecciones represents the SCPW at the 2019 SWS-Asia Chapter and KWS Joint Meeting
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