The SCPW celebrates 50 years of Earth Day today by remembering how our actions have altered the face of our planet and the way we can contribute to healing it. The first Earth Day celebration in the 1970s focused on clean air, clean water, and species protection, today we are beset by numerous issues that can sometimes act as a fog, putting the real problems out of focus – let us once again reflect on the first Earth Day in the 1970s – let us reflect on clean air, clean water, and protection of the myriad of species that call our Planet Earth Home.

The SCPW joins the world in celebrating Earth Day 2020 by taking concrete steps in protecting and conserving Philippines wetlands for the benefit of future Filipino generations. Advocating for the wise use and conservation of wetlands helps in the myriad of problems we face today – including tackling water scarcity, livelihood generation, species extinction, and maintaining ecological integrity among many others.

In this special time of crisis we can join the celebration by filling up the digital landscape by taking part in three ways:

  1. Watch Earth Day online
  2. Join the digital surge
  3. Contribute to 24 hours of earth day action from your homes

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, the SCPW has taken 5 of the Earth Day Actions for a quick reflection.

Call for green space and Plant a forest

“Trees and other plants reduce air pollution, offset emissions and reduce the “heat island effect,” where concrete and other infrastructure traps warmth in cities. Parks are also great for minds and bodies, giving access to recreation and relaxation that can’t be substituted. Community gardens and urban farms feed communities, while waterfront parks increase resilience to flooding, rising sea levels and the effects of climate change.”

In Focus: The Las Piñas Paranaque Wetland Park 

The SCPW has been working with the Office of Senator Villar, the DENR, and other stakeholders in protecting the remaining mangroves and wetlands at the coastal areas of Las Piñas and Parañaque.  Among the different technical services provided to the Management Council, the SCPW has provided the design of the wetland learning centre structures and grounds and have also joined in mangrove planting.

Create for earth and Become a citizen scientist

“Without leaving home, millions of users can record the quality of the air outside their window. Users can take readings throughout the day to track how human activity and weather patterns change the air we breathe. Each reading will add to a global database of knowledge and help us understand how our world works and how we can protect it.”

In Focus: Active, Bountiful, and Clean Rivers: The Wetlands Bioblitz Program

The SCPW has used the citizen science approach to help characterise the thousands of wetlands in the country. Knowing the state of wetlands is a valuable first step in the journey towards protecting and conserving wetlands. With the help of communities the task of characterising wetlands becomes a personal experience to be shared with family, friends, and neighbours.

Vote Earth

“Vote Earth is a global initiative that mobilizes millions of people to demonstrate their concern for our planet. By rejecting inaction and demanding change at the polls, we have the power to drive change.”

In Focus: The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.

The SCPW’s principal objective is the promotion of the wise use of wetlands. On February 7, 1998 the members of the SCPW pledged to VOTE EARTH. For the past 22 years, the SCPW has been at the forefront of wetlands action, policy, and advocacy. Together with local and international partners, the SCPW is committed to its original mission of promoting the wise use of wetlands in the country for the benefit of all.

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SCPW celebrates Earth Day 2020
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SCPW celebrates Earth Day 2020…

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