The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetland Inc (SCPW) successfully conducted the 4th episode of “Wetland News, Wetland Views” an online talks how that showcases new developments in wetland conservation.  The activity was attended by 50 people from the Zoom Platform and Facebook online livestreaming on 28 April 2023.

The first segment (Wetland News) focused on introducing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for Water particularly the initiatives of SCPW which includes:  (1) Integrated assessment of existing practices and development of pathways for the effective integration of nature-based water treatment in urban areas in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam” with funding support from the Asia Pacific Network (APN); and, (2) “Installation of Green Filters Facility at the Pangil River Eco-Park”  a Frontrunner Initiative under the “Living Lakes, Biodiversity and Climate Project” supported by Germany’s International Climate Initiative or IKI.

The program was formally opened by Ms. Amy Lecciones, Executive Director of SCPW reiterating the objectives of the online talk as well as of this particular session on Nature-Based Solutions. This was followed by a series of talks on NBS-related topics as shown below:

  • Ma. Catriona Devanadera briefly introduced NbS which now a known framework when it comes to wetland conservation;
  • Novelina Pachova, Research and Innovation Advisor at RMIT Europe, talked about the APN Project and opportunities for collaboration regarding research of the team on NbS;
  • Perlie Velasco shared the draft assessment framework for Constructed Wetland in domestic wastewater in the Philippines; and,
  • Cheryl Prudente showed the design and the initial process of establishing constructed wetland in the Panguil River Eco-Park.

After the short talks, Dr. Devanadera moderated the open forum with questions revolving around research partnership, NbS innovation, design of the constructed wetland and its requirements in terms of space, land-use, weather, among others.

The second and final segement of the event was the showing of the 3D walkthrough design of Paligui Wetland Center Complex in Candaba, Pampanga, and teaser about the 4th SCPW Wetland Center Design Competition. After the Wetland View segment, the activity was formally closed by Arch. Celestino Ulep, President of SCPW.  He underscored the importance of NbS in the work of SCPW in conserving wetlands and thus, will continue to encourage support for SCPW’s work along these lines.


SCPW conducts Wetland News, Wetland Views Episode 4: Nature-based Solutions for Water
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SCPW conducts Wetland News, We…

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