o  The competition is open to high school students (Grades 7 to 10) in the country.
o  There is no maximum number of individual participants from each school.
o  It is advisable to have at least one teacher-in-charge per school to be included as a contact person.


Registration Feb 8 – 19 All students who are interested in participating in the contest should register online.  You could access the registration form at:  
The SCPW will send an email or a message to inform you if you are eligible to join the competition.
Submission of one-page concept/storyline 22-Feb Eligible participants must submit their storyline to SCPW via email  copy to
Announcement of 15 finalists 01-Mar The SCPW will announce the 15 finalists via website ( and Facebook Page (
Boot Camp on video-making for beginners 06-Mar The 15 finalists will undergo an online boot camp for them to learn more about the basics of video-making. After this, participants may start making their entries.
Submission of Video Entries and uploading on social media 15-Apr The finalists must submit their videos to SCPW directly via email . They could also upload it through online storage (i.e. Google Drive) and send the link to SCPW.
Announcement of Winners 22-Apr Winners will be announced online on April 22, as part of the celebration of Earth Day 2021. They will also be informed via text and email.


Video Content

o  The video shall deliver at least one of the following messages:
 – Water Conservation and Wetland Protection
 – Importance of Wetlands and Water
 – Water and Wetland Biodiversity
o Participants may use free video clips from the internet or use their own videos, as long as they do not violate any government guidelines/protocols on Covid-19. SCPW will not be liable for any related violations.


Video Format

o  The video length must be within 3 minutes.
o  The format of video must be in AVI, WMV or MPEG4, the resolution must be at least 1080×720 pixel and the file size must be under 400MB.
o  The video style can be in documentary, cinematic, or animation. There is no limitation on filming equipment.
o  Participants can use English local language  for filming. For those using local language, there must be English subtitles.

Awards and Prizes

Award Prize (PhP)
Champion      15,000.00
1st Runner-up      10,000.00
2nd Runner-up        5,000.00
Finalists Tokens
Most Popular Entry on Social Media        5,000.00
(People’s Choice Award)

Judging Panel

o  Judges will be representatives from the SCPW and event partners.

Judging Criteria

o  40% Content – Relevance to the theme(s), inspiring and encouraging
o  30% Creativity – Innovative and interesting concepts
o  30% Technical Skills – Composition, aesthetics and visual effects

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