The Forum was third in a series of architectural discourses under Arch360 (Architecture in 360º) of ASAPHIL which aims to explore the various facets of the field through a series of symposia and discourses among professionals and undergraduates.

The Forum on Resilient Foreshore Architecture – Strategies on Designing Coastal Cities was held at GT-Toyota Asian and Cultural Center Auditorium on 28 February 2014.  It focused on increasing the awareness on the importance of effective design concerning foreshore architecture.  Given the recent calamities that occurred in the Philippines, specifically the super typhoon Yolanda, it aimed to engage students of architecture, engineering, design and planning – the future leaders and builders of the Philippine built environment – to participate in a forum aimed at learning about resilient foreshore structures and generating ideas that could contribute to solutions to the challenges posed by climate change-related calamities. Its challenge was engaging the participants in a discourse and produced a list of innovative ideas concerning resilient foreshore architecture.



Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.
Architectural Students’ Association of the Philippines (ASAPHIL) – Chapters of –

  • Bulacan State University
  • Technological Institute of the Philippines
  • Technological University of the Philippines
  • University of the Philippines
Forum on Resilient Foreshore Architecture — Strategies on Design Competition

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